Destructoid is currently running a giveaway with ASTRO Gaming for a pair of Infinity Blade II A30 headphones and some Infinity Blade II Tees.

To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is send the folks at Destructoid a picture of your Infinity Blade II character wearing a pair of A30s.

You should also include some information as to what “their fantastical properties are, how do they complement your character, what phat bonuses do they have…”.

Images can be drawn, Photoshopped, etc. Once winner will receive a pair of Infinity Blade II themed A30s and two runners-up will get Infinity Blade II tees.

Send your entry to “” by 11:59pm PST on Tuesday February 14th.

Check out the full details at the 9 min mark in the video below.

There is also some nice info about Mass Effect Infiltrator, EA’s just announced 3rd person shooter “Mass Effect 3” title for iOS, so it’s worth watching the whole episode.