Tonight’s we kick off our first set of Thursday new releases for 2012 and it looks to be a solid set of contenders.

First up is Super Crate Box (Vlambeer and Halfbot), the game that inspired Angry Mob Games’ hit Muffin Knight.

Is it too late to the party, or will its charming 8-bit graphics and rock’n chiptunes soundtrack have gamers clamoring for this original. Only time will tell, but I suspect It’ll do just fine.

Next up is NoodleCake Studios’ newest creation, a fun multiplayer 2D racing game called Lunar Racer. The game features exciting single and multiplayer action as well as another great soundtrack from Whitaker Trebella.

It wouldn’t be a new release Thursday night without an appearance from Chillingo, who hits the street with two more new titles in classic arcade style, Street Wrestler and Streetbike: Full Blast. Street Wrestler is a arcade beat-em up game with a varied cast of characters and some nice looking visuals. Streetbike: Full Blast is a retro arcade bike-racer for the iPhone. The only downside is that it appears that it may only be a single-player affair, I guess we’ll find out for sure when it releases tonight.

Let us know if you’ll be picking up any of these titles.

Super Crate Box

Lunar Racer
Noodlecake Studios Inc

Street Wrestler
Chillingo Ltd

Streetbike: Full Blast
Chillingo Ltd