Telltale Games has dropped the price of all three episodes of its Hector adventure games series to $2.99 each.

This brilliant series, which was developed for Telltale Games by Straandlooper Animation, follows the adventures of Detective Inspector Hector, an alcoholic still recovering from his last bender, who as been put in charge of diffusing a bloody hostage crisis which has broken out in the center of the offbeat and rundown town of Clappers Wreake. The story takes a lot of turns, with a number of red herrings and subsequent episodes continue the storyline and nicely wrap up the tale.

If you read my reviews of episodes 1, 2 and 3, you’ll see that I absolutely loved this smart, funny, irreverent and entertaining game series. Anyone who enjoyed all those Sierra Online point and click adventure games as a kid, will find a lot to love about Hector. As I said in my review of episode one: “it’s the perfect blend of the irreverence and innuendo of the Leisure Suit Larry series and the grittiness of the Police Quest series, with loads of British humor”. I highly recommend checking out the Hector series.

As I mentioned, Telltale Games has dropped the price of both the iPhone and iPad releases of the games to $2.99 each (regularly priced at $4.99 and $6.99 respectively). However, since the iPhone release of episode one is self-published by Straandlooper Animation it is not part of the sale, and costs $3.99.

UPDATE: We just got word that this sale will last through Monday, October 24th.
UPDATE 2: Straandlooper has dropped the price of the iPhone release of episode one to $2.99 as well.

HECTOR: Badge of Carnage Ep1
$3.99 -> $2.99

HECTOR: Ep1 HD – We Negotiate with Terrorists
$6.99 -> $2.99

HECTOR: Ep2 – Senseless Acts of Justice
$4.99 -> $2.99

HECTOR Ep2 HD – Senseless Acts of Justice
$6.99 -> $2.99

HECTOR: Ep3 – Beyond Reasonable Doom
$4.99 -> $2.99

HECTOR Ep3 HD – Beyond Reasonable Doom
$6.99 -> $2.99