In what appears to be the latest case of App theft, publisher 2Heroes looks to have basically stolen Firemint’s insanely popular path drawing game Flight Control and released it (today) as their own game titled Filght – airport commander. If you look at the screenshots, I’d say it’s pretty clear that they lifted Flight Control’s assets. The least they could have done is spell the word “Flight” correctly! I didn’t actually download the game to verify as I do not want to support such behavior, but the app description even refers to the game as ‘Flight Control’!

Keep the skies safe in Flight Control, the insanely addictive worldwide hit! It only takes a minute to learn but you won’t be able to put it down. Guide aircraft to their landing zones but don’t let them collide! Sounds easy? You’ll need smart strategy and keen eyes to alter flight paths as needed and keep the chaos under control. Your travel itinerary is packed with multiple airfields, 10 aircraft including jets and helicopters and stat-tracking. Pack your bags for addictive airline action!
Air traffic control is the world’s most stressful job, but not for you. You don’t need heading angles, flight rules or meteorological reports, you’re a natural! A prodigy! A born controller!

I don’t understand how they even thought they could get away with this. After all, Flight Control is one of the biggest and most influential titles on the App Store, launching the path drawing genre. Plus why on earth would you put yourself in a position to try and take on Electronic Arts’ legal team? Just ask Tim Langdell…not a wise move!

Flight Control

Filght – airport commander

2Heroes seems to be a pretty proficient publisher with 30+ apps on the App Store, many of which are Hello Kitty related. If they have the gall to pull a stunt like this, it leads me to question the legitimacy of their Hello Kitty license.

Hopefully Apple will be removing this title from the store very soon and make an example out of 2Heroes.