This Thursday, Godzilab is following up their monster hit puzzle game iBlast Moki with iBlast Moki 2. Having already had a substantial amount of time with several pre-release builds of the game, I can tell you this one is even better! I reviewed the original iBlast Moki when it was first released in October 2011 (back when I was still writing for and I was simply blown away by how original and fun the game was.

I’m delighted to say that the Godzilab team has made a conscious effort to improve every single aspect of the tile for its much anticipated sequel. Starting with the graphics, they created 4 vivid worlds “with a gorgeous vegetation taking advantage of antialiasing (on iPad 2) and OpenGL 2 ES”. Add to that, the fact that iBlast Moki 2 will be running at a solid 60 FPS compared to the 30 FPS of the original title and you are in for some real eye candy. There are 5 brand new soundtrack scores to treat your ears as well.

Next up, they’ve given player more bomb types to choose from. The original only had a single “blasting” bomb (go figure), but now there are 3 new typed of “paint” bombs, which give the surfaces on which they dump their payload, interesting new physical characteristics (almost a bit reminiscent of the goo in Portal 2). There are also a number of new obstacles in the environments as well.

The in-game level editor has been revamped with loads of new features, and it was actually what the development team used to build all of the levels that you’ll see in the game. “The editor is a veritable physics sandbox where you can experiment with water, different physical materials, joints, bumpers and tons of other features. Only your imagination is really the limit to what you can build with it.” In addition to being able to share their own levels, iBlast Moki 2 also lets players their solutions to any level as well!

As I already mentioned, iBlast Moki 2 is scheduled to launch on the App Store this coming Thursday, August, 18th in separate iPhone/iPod Touch-only release for 99¢ and a Universal version for $2.99. To celebrate this release Godzilab is offering for the iPhone release of the first iBlast Moki for FREE and they’ve dropped the price of iBlast Moki HD (a universal app) from $4.99 to 99¢!

So what are you waiting for? Go and get your Moki on and be sure to grab the sequel on Thursday as well.