Last week you may have noticed a lack of new content as I was away at (my first) San Diego Comic-Con. It was an awesome experience for this film and TV nerd! I was able to sit in on a number of hilarious TV panels from some of my favorite shows like Doctor Who, Psych, The Walking Dead, Fringe, Dexter, Falling Skies, Chuck and more. I saw a lot of crazy costumes and met a number of fun and interesting people, a few of which are doing some cool things in the world of iOS.

Despite a moderate showing from the gaming industry, sadly iOS felt severely unrepresented at the Con, which is better know for Comic Books, and Sci-Fi themed Movies and TV shows. However, I got to finally meet Carter Dotson, host of The Portable Podcast. I’ve been a guest on his show a number of times, so it was great to actually meet him in person. He is a very nice guy who has poor taste in free Psych swag. I was also able to arrange meetings with folks from Telltale Games, Agimat and GameSalad, all of which had some exciting iOS stuff to show off. Since there is loads of info to share, I’ll be covering each of these meetings in separate posts.

First off, I met with Joshua Viloria, the Brand Manager for Telltale Games to discuss their upcoming second (and third) episodes of the brilliantly irreverent Hector adventure game series that they are producing with the fine folks at Straandlooper. If you read my review of Hector Episode One, you’ll know that I was a huge fan of the first game. While I didn’t actually get any hands-on time with Hector Episode 2, Joshua and I spent a good deal of time discussing the title and let me just say that it sounds like it’s gonna be just as hilariously fantastic! I’ll try my best to avoid any spoilers for those of you that have not yet played episode one (which you really should).

Hector Episode 2 picks up immediately where the first one ended, with players trying to figure out the identity of the Clappers Wreake’s hostage taker. It promises to be at least as raunchy as the first and this time around Lambert will also be a playable character and you’ll have to figure out some puzzles which require Hector and Lambert to work cooperatively. We also meet a number of new off the wall characters who inhabit the streets (and brothels) of Clappers Wreake. Really my only complaint about Episode One was that is was just a bit too short. I’m happy to say that the Telltale team has addressed this by making Episode 2 twice as long as the original. Hector Episode 2 is currently on track for a Fall release, with Episode 3 (which will be the showdown between Hector and the now identified terrorist) sometime after that. They wil be available in separate iPhone and iPad releases priced similarly to Episode one ($3.99 and $6.99 respectively). You can expect to read full reviews of each of these upon their release.

If the thought of two more episodes of Hector on the horizon wasn’t already enough to get me excited, there were also a number of “off the record” properties that I was surprised to learn that Telltale acquired the rights to. While I cannot talk about these, I will say that if any of them are actually produced for iOS, I would definitely be breaking down and getting an iPad (that is if I do not already own an iPad at that point). The Telltale booth was decked out in The Walking Dead and Jurassic Park artwork, both of which I really hope find their way to the iPad as well. It was great talking with Joshua and Telltale certainly has some nice iOS titles on the way.