Chillingo just released the following information regarding six new titles that they will be publishing this Fall. Spanning the gamut genre-wise, it looks like we will be treated to puzzlers (Chillingo’s forte IMHO), arcade racing, shooters and even an MMO. These new titles “leverage accelerometer, gyroscope and location-based features to enhance gameplay for consumers”. See the details and screenshots below:

Sheeple Chase (Green Ant Games)

Prepare for a turbo-charged romp through an English farmyard where Sheep race against Pigs to reach the finish line. Burst through hedges, dodge past cows and leap across rivers at fiery speeds to defeat the competition. For added fun, players can also opt to build their own tracks and share them with friends. Sheeple Chase is rumored to have a November release date.

Folded Flight (GD8)

Paper planes have never soared like this before! Glide your customizable plane using the amazing accelerometer and gyroscopic controls of the iPhone 4. Fly across stunning 3D environments in a large mansion filled with rooms and a garden full of dangerous obstacles.

Infinity Field (ForzeField)

Dodge and destroy your enemies in this gorgeous space shooter that really is out of this world! A visual feast, with score-attack style game play, plus a challenging campaign mode.

Mummy’s Treasure (FizzPow Games)

Explore the Great Pyramids in this challenging physics-based puzzler to find the Mummy’s treasure. Use your quick-thinking, logic to save all the gold treasures while disposing of the mummified heads.

My Kingdom (Oberon)

Build an empire and stake your claim in this revolutionary real location MMO game. Build settlements at real-world addresses; amass friends and battle foes as you venture across various parts of town to attempt to rule the territory!

Sky Combat (Alien Worm)

Visually stunning, top-down frenetic shooter with staggering explosions, realistic real-world terrain and a variety of enemy vehicles and aircraft to destroy. Fight your way through the many stages, upgrade weapons and experience the intensity of war!