Floop, the third game from German development studio Blacksmith Games (Plushed, Boostball, Appvent Calendar) is currently in review at Apple and should be releasing very soon. It is a casual physics-based puzzle game in which you must try to shoot a nut into the mouth of a very hungry crazy-eyed squirrel. Although developer Johannes Seidel, the man behind Blacksmith Games, warns that this is not as easy as it may sound, as there are many obstacles that stand in your way.

If the nut lands on the ground instead of the squirrel’s mouth you have several more tries to shoot it nearer to the hungry animal. There is a lot of variety in the game – the further you get the more challenges and tools wait for you. You can shoot the nut with a cannon or a catapult, you have to shoot wooden boxes, destroy ice boxes, slide on ice, ride an ice speed racer, react on a flipper bumper or avoid spikes,solve puzzles, pressing buttons to open doors, just to list a few.

The game will challenge players with 50 levels encompassing 4 different themes (beach, office, supermarket, sport). Like some of the other popular puzzle games, Floop will have its own star system, grading players on how well they completed the level (based on the number of shots it took). These ratings will be integrated into Game Center for worldwide leaderboards and achievments. There are also additional unlockable characters which replace the squirrel/nut, completely changing the physics of the game….”for example a mouse or an ape, that wait to be fed with cheese or bananas. This feature makes the game very interesting. By changing the object, the way the object’s physical behavior changes as well.” This sounds like a really cool and interesting twist, and one that could significantly increase the game’s replayability.

You can expect a full review on AppAddict once Floop is released. In the meantime, check out some screenshots and a gameplay video below: