I’ve been holding off on reviewing this awesome app because I wanted to record a song with it. Sadly, as most musicians know, you can’t pick when that kind of inspiration will hit you. While I don’t have an original piece of mine to share, I do have the video that alerted me to this app.

Check this out before you read any further.

Wow. You’re still reading this? I thought you’d already be downloading Seline HD just from that. Pretty amazing, huh? That’s only the tip of the iceberg, here.

Seline HD is a great instrumental tool. Coming from piano as my main instrument, I wasn’t sure if the keyboard layout I saw would be comfortable. Ergonomically, it’s truly a brilliant design. You can choose preset key layouts that span every chord progression imaginable, all with brilliantly designed layouts, or you can fully customize the keys to suit your needs.

When playing, you can get a decent tremolo effect with a slight wiggling of the finger. If you’re looking for something more dramatic, the triangle shaped buttons allow you to get the note to jump one full step up or down, and the diamond in the middle allows for very dramatic pitch bending. There is a transpose button that can be used while playing, and will even hold your last note if it’s held while transposing the keys.

The app has 23 lead instruments, spanning both the acoustic and digital realms. Also included are a large selection of “drone sounds,” which you can include in the background to accent what you’re playing. Seline also allows for in-app recording and playback, which giving you the ability to layer tracks and save your compositions.

In Conclusion

Overall, I think this is a must-have app for most musicians. Its flexibility and overall usefulness will pay for itself many times over.