As you may have already been able to guess with the site’s new look…the update to Tilt to Live containing the new Frostbite mode and Burnicade weapon has fianlly been released, and we are celebrating!

In Frostbite mode, a blizzard of frozen enemies falls from the top of the play area toward a steaming hot spring below. The player is tasked with shattering through waves of these frozen dots before they can reach the hot spring and be reanimated. As you shatter enemies, earning score multipliers for killing the larger formations, the meter at the bottom of your screen steadily fills. A full meter is a happy meter, which spawns a Burnicade pickup to reward your hard work. You are given but one bubble shield to increase your shattering efficiency, so defend it well!

I played a lot of this last night and it is both fun and rather challenging! Once those dots become unfrozen, they are like little heat seeking missiles, following you everywhere you go, while you frantically attempt to pick up enough frozen dots to replenish your burnicade weapon. Frostbite mode is a fantastic addition to Tilt to Live’s existing modes, once again featuring more original artwork by Adam Stewart and a smooth Pulp Fiction-esque, Mexican surfer soundtrack (with undertones of Danny Elfman), courtesy of Whitaker Blackall.

The update also adds seven new awards and the Burnicade is unlocakble in the other game modes by earning enough AGON award points. Finally for all you iPad owners, developer One Man Left indicated on their blog, that next up is an iPad version of the game!

If you down’t own it already, you can pick up your copy of Tilt to Live for just $1.99!