One title that I’ve been watching for some time now is Utopian Games’ upcoming physics-based puzzle game Bumps. It is a port of their excellent PC puzzle game of the same name.

Alien invaders have imprisoned the cute, bubbly-eyed Bumps and it’s up to you to rescue them by placing your bumps strategically on the screen, so when you press “GO!”, they fall, roll and bounce their way to the keys. If each “bump” successfully captures one of the like-colored keys below, they’ll unlock all of the locks, rescuing the imprisoned bumps and beating the level.

The iPhone release will contain 9 unlockable mini games including 1/2 player Breakout, 1/2 player Air Hockey, Pinball, Shump and more! As you can see in the included screenshots and video, the game contains some really nice colorful graphics and a whimsical soundtrack. Bumps will contain 54 levels with all sorts of medals and awards to achieve and will be available for just 99¢. It should hopefully be appearing on the App Store soon.


Official Trailer