Some of the most creative and unique iPhone apps and games have been born out of the independent spirit of small (or even one-man) development studios. Now you can get an insight into the inpiration and frustration of what it’s like to be an indy app developer on a new blog site called iDevBlogADay.

Run using a combination of Twitter and traditional blogging, every day is assigned two developers who write as they normally would in their own blogs, following up entries with tweets containing the hash tag #iDevBlogADay. Topics can range from coding tips, to gripes about the App Store, to requests for help or anything in between. So far it has been an interesting read, and with a constant flow of new developers providing content, it promises to offer a nice variety of content. The idea for the blog comes from Miguel Ángel Friginal, of the husband, wife and three-cat development studio, Mystery Coconut (developers of the dice simulation app Pip).

Whether you’re a developer looking for tips or just a curious app user, you can check it out by searching for the #iDevBlogADay hash tag on Twitter, or by visiting