Clickgamer just sent us a sneak peak of the upcoming update to their popular physics-based puzzled game Angry Birds (developed by ROVIO Mobile).

It contains a new episode with 2 new levels and over 40 new puzzles, adding over 65% more content. So there will be plenty more crazy constructions to demolish as your avian bombers try attack and defeat those evil green pigs.

The update also brings support for Crystal, Chillingo’s social gaming platform, which adds features like achievements and leaderboards (all the way down to the individual puzzle). No word on exactly when the update will drop, but it’s likely to happen sometime next week. If you were on the fence before, now would definitely be the time to grab Angry Birds.

Expect our full review of the game to appear on the site sometime this week.


Here is a funny new trailer for the game that reminded us of an old cartoon short you’d have watched in the theater.