To celebrate the launch of their new word puzzle game Alexic, indie developer Prometoys Limited has decided to offer the game for FREE for 48 hours and then it will go up to its regular $1.99 price.

Lettered balls (orbs) tumble down from the top of the screen, and you must simply tap on them to select them and form words, double-tapping the final letter to submit your word. If you submit a valid word, then the orbs you used will disappear. You need to be quick, otherwise the pile of orbs will keep building up toward the top of screen. The game is over once an orb leaves the screen to the left or right of the black and orange danger zone.

There are (seemingly random) times when a bonus multiplier meter will slide in from the bottom of the screen, and all words found during this brief window of time will be multiplied, creating a nice opportunity to rack up some nice bonus points. Tip: We also found that when you lose, you can still form a words as the orbs are falling off the screen for a final push of points.

Alexic has a nice physics engine built in, which creates a realistic behavior to the dropping orbs, and allows you to actually tilt your device to the left and right to help settle the orbs on the bottom of the screen, (hopefully) avoiding an untimely end. The game features both English and German dictionaries. It also has full OpenFeint support for both leaderboards and over 40 achievements! You have the ability to challenge friends via OpenFeint’s challenge functionality. While the game itself doesn’t appear to have any soundtrack (other than sound effects), you do have the ability to listen to music from your own music library. Multiplayer via bluetooth and local wifi is on the list of planned future enhancements.

We’ve downloaded the game and tried it out briefly. While the initial ramp up felt a little too slow/easy, in the short amount time we’ve spent with it so far, we found it to be a fairly fun word game. We planning on spending some more time with this one and definitely recommend taking advantage of the sale price while you can.