You should literally grab Bight Game’s cannonball firing/llama shearing game Fleeced! while it’s HOT! Bight has decided to put their newest game, Fleeced! – Shear Terror, on sale for $1.99 (50%) while it is being featured in Apple’s What’s Hot section of the App Store. We have no idea how long this tends to be, so we suggest that if you are even on the fence on this title, that you grab it while it’s on sale.

We have been playing it since it was released, and much like every title from Bight Games, we are very impressed. The game is unique and loads of fun. The basic goal is to protect your llama at all costs! It’s all out war…brother vs. brother, cannon vs. cannon…llamma vs. shears. You and your Peruvian brother are trading cannon blasts at each other’s llama pens trying desperately to create an opening for the llama shearer to get in and steal some of your opponent’s llama’s wool. Once one of the llamas is naked (hopefully his) the game is over. You must find a balance between gathering money for upgrades, repairing your defenses and firing shots at your brother’s llama pen if you want to be successful.

The game has some really nice 3D graphics, sound effects and smooth controls. There is a single-player campaign/story mode as well as a single or two player (local wifi, bluetooth or internet) arcade mode. We should have our full review up shortly, but suffice to say this one is well worth it’s full $3.99 price tag and is a bargain at the $1.99 sale price!