Instead of a single title for Friday Freebie, we wanted to make you aware of a few titles that are FREE on the App Store this weekend, Car Jack Streets, Peter Und Vlad, and Roadkill Cafe. Take advantage of these great deals before the prices go back up.


A critically acclaimed, high octane, action, driving and crime game with innovative real time game-play, stunning visuals and an awesome 80 minute soundtrack.

You are Randal Meyers a small time player in a big city. Your gambling debts to the Italian mob are a million dollars and they are calling in the debt. Do you have what it takes to stay alive, pay your debt and rise to the top of the criminal underworld? You can go anywhere, drive any vehicle, shoot up the city with high power weapons and take on both legal and illegal jobs to earn that cash. Just payback Frankie on time or you’re a dead man!

Designed and developed by members of the original Grand Theft Auto creative team.


  • Play in real time
  • Infinite number of criminal and legitimate jobs
  • Detailed 3D city to explore
  • Lots of vehicles to steal and smash!
  • Big weapons
  • Over 80 minutes of great unsigned music
  • Online ranking for the biggest earners
  • Achievements and hidden stuff
  • Clowns

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Peter und Vlad is an action adventure game for iPhone and iPod touch with a herding flavor that allows you decide the fate of the Sedov brothers, Peter and Vlad in their epic battle with an invention-gone-mad!

Vlad Sedov, the mad scientist has created a weather machine to help his brother Peter with his farming chores. In his design of the machine, Vlad made some rather dangerous mistakes as the machine gets its energy from sheep wool and he forgot to add an off button to the machine!

It’s up to you to guide Peter in his effort to flock the sheep into the farmhouse and prevent a disaster!


  • Alternative gameplay mode: In Zen mode you can practice your herding skills for as long as you like without having to worry about the danger of the weather machine.
  • Peter’s good knowledge of mushrooms gives him that extra something he’ll need to save his sheep from his brother’s weather machine. Remember though that Peter is under a lot of stress and therefore could make a mistake by eating a toxic mushroom – with humorous results.
  • Real-time weather transformation effects as the out-of-control weather machine morphs summer into autumn, winter and spring.
  • Local and global leaderboards that measure your efficiency as a herder.
  • Original soundtrack performed by E.V.O (the Electronic Vlad Orchestra).

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It’s the Grand Opening of the Roadkill Cafe and Slim LaChance is out to build a reputation for serving the best redneck cuisine in three counties. Collect roadkills, dodge traffic, and keep your customers satisfied before they blow their tops.

Complete Cafe mode to unlock unlimited Arcade mode, and additional difficulties. Try to outscore players around the world on the international scoreboard!

Roadkill Cafe also includes the following mini-games:

  • Survivor – The next time someone tells you to go play in traffic, you’ll have the option of trying this simulator first. Dodge traffic for as long as you can.
  • Vengeance – Why did the chicken cross the road? Vengeance! Bloodthirsty chickens with a taste for rednecks are on the loose. Luckily rhinos hate chickens. Try not to get killed in the melee.
  • Rampage – What’s a road trip without roadkills? Go for a ride on the Infinity Highway, dodging traffic and flattening fauna. Rack up the points the farther you go, but try and stay between the lines.

Dynamic fingertip controls – Control your character from any point on the screen. Simply release and touch another location to retake control.
Don’t want to get fingerprints on the screen? Take advantage of your devices motion detection to control the player!
Positional sound – Swarms of chickens never sounded so deadly.

Contains scenes of cartoon violence, use of firearms, and recycling.

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