Devil’s Attorney Is A ‘Not Guilty!’ Pleasure

When I say the phrase: “video game lawyer”, you probably immediately think of Phoenix Wright, the porcupine-haired defense attorney who helps prevent injustice in the court-room through both point-and-click crime scene investigation and conversation trees. Well, throw out that preconceived picture of games that take place in a courtroom, because Devil’s Attorney plays nothing like…

A Party For One Can Be Fun! ‘My Little Pony: Party of One’ Is A Delightful Interactive Book

The Ponies want to throw a surprise birthday party for Pinkie Pie, but Pinkie Pie is already busy planning an after birthday party for her toothless pet baby alligator Gummy. Unfortunately in order to keep Pinkie Pie’s birthday party a surprise, all of her pony friends must turn down Pinkie’s invitation and soon she gets really sad that all of her friends are making excuses not to attend Gummy’s party. Will Pinkie Pie forgive them for not attending the party she’s throwing? Can the other ponies keep their party a secret? What are the ponies going to do?