In my eyes, Labyrinth 2 HD (from developer Illusion Labs) is one of the first games that really bridges the gap between a real game becoming a digital reality. Illusion Labs took a physics-based game from real life and successfully re-created all those wonderful elements to play out exactly as such in a digital gaming format. Already a hit on the iPhone, this realistic physics game translates VERY well to the iPad.

Labyrinth 2 HD is your classic Labyrinth or tilt-based game built for the iPad (and iPhone) and fully utilizes the accelerometer control to guide your steel ball to the designated hole. with obstacles such as, bumpers, cannons, resizers, lasers and switches, Labyrinth 2 offers one of the most challenging game experiences I’ve played in quite awhile.

The game’s visuals are what really sets this puzzle apart from the rest. As you would hope, tilting your iPad gives off a 3D effect of the physical game board in every direction that you tilt it. The high resolution “HD” graphics are crisp and clear and fully take advantage of the iPad’s glorious screen space. However, in order to fully enjoy it, I would recommend not playing this game with your iPad in a folio-style case. I ran into some issues playing this with the Apple branded case, although I have since moved on to the Switcheasy “Nude” and am liking it a LOT more.

Complexity is another aspect where this game really shines. Offering hundreds of levels with various difficulties, selectable from the get go via a streamlined menu system. Labyrinth 2 HD starts off with a tutorial mode, introducing you to various aspects of the game. It then lets go of your hand, allowing you to move on to explore all of the game’s crazy and challenging levels.

Aside from the standard game mode, it also offers a full-featured level editor and wi-fi/bluetooth multiplayer. With the ability to play others’ levels and publish your own, this ultimately gives this game an endless life. Tossing multiplayer into the mix also enables for some interesting matches against friends. At the time of this review, I have been unable to test the multiplayer functionality, however fellow AppAddict, Brett recently had an opportunity to take the multiplayer for a spin while at a local Apple Store and he found the experience to be quite satisfying! (And it’s not just because he easily kicked his brother’s butt.

In Conclusion

If you love this style of puzzle game, look no further, Illusion Labs has done a fantastic job with this title. They are quickly becoming known for their highly polished and unique gaming experiences, and Labyrinth 2 HD certainly sets the bar high as far as this genre is concerned.

Gameplay Video