Illusion Connect, Superprism’s excellent shojo RPG, has just received a new event – and a promo video to set the scene. 

Released in October, Illusion Connect is a stunning, anime-inspired gacha game with thrilling RPG gameplay, a rich and innovative social element, and an all-star cast of top voice actors. After notching up 600k pre-registrations before launch, it’s now sitting on an incredible 4.9 average user review score on the App Store from 10k ratings. 

Gameplay-wise, Illusion Connect sees you summoning and cultivating 50 different Radiants, all with their own personalities, hobbies, and backstories, as well as their own unique looks. 

Socializing with these Radiants is a huge part of the game, and the more you get to know them back at your customizable headquarters the better they’ll perform in battle, encouraging you to get fully involved in all aspects of Illusion Connect’s world. 

The new promo video is the perfect introduction, explaining how the real world exists alongside the Dream World, with those in the former blissfully unaware of the ructions taking place in the latter. 

Unaware, that is, until the evil Frantiva manages to cross over via a lens. Sensing her ominous arrival, the heroic Saya confronts Frantiva and they do battle. But Saya loses, and Frantiva raises her spear to finish her opponent off. 

Just then, Frantiva’s sister Angela appears and blocks Frantiva’s speartip with her shield. Now it’s two versus one, but Frantiva is still too powerful, and once again she finds herself on the cusp of victory. 

And once again she’s thwarted, this time by Phoebe, who descends from the sky with a fireball. At last, Frantiva is evenly matched, and the combatants reach a stalemate. 

Then Rotania shows up and all bets are off. 

It’s exciting stuff, and to accompany this polished new video Superprism has created an in-game Eternal Snowflake event, letting you get your hands on new materials like snowflakes, ice eggs, and snow candy. Plus, there are new event stages, daily trials, and more. 

The Eternal Snowflake event kicks off in December.
To get involved, download Illusion Connect for free right now on the Google Play Store and the App Store.