To celebrate a big update which adds 18 new levels, and a new physics engine, PressOK Entertainment has decided to make the full version of their physics-based puzzle game, Finger Physics, absolutely FREE for 24 Hours. This special sale will only last until about noon EST tomorrow, so don’t delay! It normally costs $0.99, but if you grab it quickly, you can save yourself a buck!

Finger Physics has integrated OpenFeint support which adds global leaderboards and 28 achievements. As of this latest update, the game now offers 7 different game modes, 14 different stages and 126 levels!

Game modes include:

  • Egg Mode – Tap/break glass blocks to try and guide an egg safely into a basket.
  • Lawn Mode – Use ALL supplied blocks to build a (stable) structure
  • Lunar Mode – Use ALL supplied blocks to build a (stable) structure which reaches to at least the Bronze stripe
  • Underwater Mode – Use ALL supplied blocks to build a (stable) structure, but one color blocks will sink and another color floats, requiring a delicate balance.
  • Free Mode – Time-based, try to build a (stable) structure using the greatest number of blocks possible within the allotted time
  • Magnet Blocks – which will either attract to one another or repel one another depending on their colors.
  • Explosive Blocks – Don’t these blocks touch, otherwise, you could probably guess what happens.

We picked up this fun and challenging game up back in November and find ourselves coming back to it regularly. It’s got a nice, almost colored rice paper-like graphical style and great physics engine. We give it a couple of big thumbs propelled upwards and your a fool if you let this deal pass you bye!