Maybe you’ve just received your new iPhone 12 or 12 Pro, or perhaps, like me, you are (impatiently) waiting on a pre-order for an iPhone 12 Pro Max (or the iPhone 12 Mini).

No matter which flavor of the iPhone 12 you’ve chosen, you are likely in the market for a new case to protect all of that ‘aerospace-grade aluminum’ or ‘surgical-grade stainless steel’. 

One of my go-to case brands for a number of years now has been Urban Armor Gear (UAG). With each new iPhone release, they’ve always offered up a nice mix of styles at an affordable range of prices. UAG always seems to have a case to anyone’s sensibility and/or budget. Plus most of their cases meet military drop-test standards offering protection and peace of mind.

For Apple’s newest iPhone 12 family of phones, UAG has more than 8 different product lines to choose from!

Perhaps you’ll enjoy the sleek and modern stylings of the Civilian Series (this one certainly caught my eye) or the eco-friendly 100% compostable Biodegradable Outback Series.

There is also UAG’s iconic rough and ready Pathfinder Series case which started it all and features superior protection without the bulk and comes in both solid and camo colors as well as its even more stylish cousin, the Plasma Series.

For the most adventurous, (and those willing to spend a little more) the Monarch Series features similar styling in an all-terrain phone case with premium materials (and a whopping 10-year warranty).

Those of you who want to accent or preserve the natural look of the iPhone 12 might be interested in one of UAG’s clear Plyo, Mouve, or Lucent Series cases.

Finally, there is the or the Metropolis Series offer s a bit of texture and class with your choice of SATN ARMR (smooth), LTHR ARMR (Italian Leather), and FIBR ARMR (Armortex with DuPont Kevlar) finishes and a protective folio cover with 3 card storage.

Speaking from experience, I’ve used several different UAG cases over the years and they’ve always been solid and very dependable. My wife has been using a UAG Monarch case on her iPhone XS for the past 2 years and despite some beatings, the case and phone are both still in fantastic shape. In fact, her iPhone has survived a couple of drops (both due to an overexcited daughter).

We are thrilled that we will be reviewing both the Monarch case for the iPhone 12 Pro Max and the Pathfinder case for the iPhone 12 as soon as our new phones arrive later this week. In the meantime, if you are in the market for a new mobile phone case, I highly recommend checking out UAG’s full lineup of cases for all brands of mobile phones.