If you need to transfer files between your iPhone and PC, there is absolutely no easier or cheaper method than to use EaseUS MobiMover. This 100% free software makes the process an absolute breeze. By following three simple steps, you can transfer files between devices in a matter of seconds.

A huge part of the appeal of MobiMover is its PC interface, which organizes all of your iPhone’s files into handy folders. That way you can simply grab the item or folder you’re looking for and transfer it over in seconds. Here are four reasons why we absolutely love EaseUS MobiMover, and we think you will too.

EaseUS MobiMover Allows You to Transfer Between PC, iPhone, and Vice Versa

No matter the type of transfer you want to pull off, EaseUS MobiMover is capable of it. Whether it’s iPhone to PC, PC to iPhone, or even iPhone to iPhone, you can do it in seconds with MobiMover.

It even supports iOS 12, so if you’ve just upgraded from an older iPhone model that doesn’t support the latest version of iOS, you can use MobiMover to transfer files with absolute ease between to two different versions of iOS. That’s a huge draw for iPhone users.

Intuitive Categories Makes Transfers Extremely Easy

As we mentioned in the introduction, EaseUS MobiMover organizes your iPhones files into categories automatically. This makes finding that specific file you’re looking for an absolute breeze, as you can head straight into a folder.

Looking for a photo? Head to the images folder. Video? Look in videos. It even creates categories for messages, call logs, Safari pages, and voice reminders, amongst many more.

If it exists on your phone, there’s a category for it.

EaseUS MobiMover Can Manage Your Entire Phone

Even if you don’t want to transfer files between iPhone, PC, or another iPhone, EaseUS MobiMover still serves a purpose. You can edit every aspect of your iPhone, including contacts, notes, calendar entries, ringtones, voice reminders, files, bookmarks, and Safari history – along with anything else you can think of.

Think of it as getting the keys to the city for your iPhone, allowing you to easily manage everything without any of the fiddly aspects.

It’s Completely Free

EaseUS MobiMover isn’t one of those apps that claims to be free but severely limits what you can do with it until you splash an extortionate amount of cash. The entire application is free for personal use, and includes no limitations whatsoever. The premium version is limited to those that use it for commercial use.

You can find out more details on EaseUS MobiMove Free right here – check it out now!

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