Draw a line in the grid

Woody™ Battle is the block puzzle PvP game from ATHENA Studio which has just received a global featuring on Google Play.

Instead of falling bricks you have to place them on a grid. You still have to clear lines, but in order to win you need to try to block your opponent while doing so. And you have only 3 minutes to manage this feat, so be sure you’re acting smart and fast. It’s not only a tough brain-teaser, but also a huge amount of fun thanks to some really cool features.

Current players said this: “Love it!! I play original Woody™ all the time and you all gave us a sample of the vs. where we were able to compete with other players. I gave my feedback and suggested that you bring it back and you did… thank you… thank you… thank you!!!” – La Donna Jones

Real-time battles mean you have to keep pace with your opponent, but your rival’s progress is live streamed, so at least you know who you’re dealing with. And if you find yourself losing more often than you’d like, then you can study your own moves in the Replay System. This also comes in pretty handy if you want to brag about a particularly good game to your friends.

You can play with your friends specifically by challenging nearby players or just challenging them from your friends list. And for those times when you’re in the mood for something less competitive, the Solo Practice Mode is allowing you to enjoy endless hours of fun at your own pace.

So head on over the Google Play store and try Woody™ Battle right now. We’re pretty sure you won’t regret it!

Download your copy of Woody™ Battle:

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