Sometimes things come full circle and that’s exactly the case with Tim Fowers latest digital board game release, Burgle Bros..

According to a recent blog post by Pocketwatch Games, creators of the popular 2013 heist video game Monaco, their game was the inspiration for Fower’s own hit 2015 cooperative heist board game Burgle Bros..

In fact, the story is that Fowers was so enamored with Monaco, that he approached his friends at Pocketwatch Games about turning it into a board game. When they declined, he decided to make his own heist board game.

Not wanting to make the same mistake twice, Pocketwatch, just announced that they are teaming with Fowers to adapt their upcoming video game Tooth and Tail, into a real-time-strategy-inspired board game based on the same world and characters.

Today, in a sort of full circle, Burgle Bros., the video game-inspired board game has gotten its own digital adaptation on both iOS and Android.

“Get In. Get The Loot. Get Out.”

In Burgle Bros. players are a team of criminals trying to pull off the ultimate heist. As is often the case, each member of the (up to) four person crew has unique skills which may prove invaluable toward a successful job.

Your crew’s goal is to safely navigate two or three floors of the building while avoiding the guards, finding and cracking safes and ultimately make it to the roof (where your helicopter is waiting) with all team members retaining at least a modicum stealth.

Each floor of the building is divided into 16 tiles (rooms) laid out in a 4×4 grid and players must use a combination of action points, stealth tokens, items and special skills in order to explore and reveal each room as they attempt to complete their mission.

With a variable floor layout and an available crew of 9 different characters (plus alternate versions of each character) the game offers great replayability.

A single player can control all of the characters in a crew, or if you want to play with other people, you could easily just pass a single device back and forth, with each player controlling one or more characters.

Who doesn’t love a good heist?!
Burgle Bros. a fun, tactical, thematic game that I had been really looking forward to trying ever since the physical release came out, but just never had the chance until now.
Needless to say, I’m super excited to see it get a digital release.

In other Fowers Games news, earlier this week we reported that Fowers Games also released a huge update for the Paperback app, adding asynchronous multiplayer support. It appears they’ve tracked down the issue I was having with my iPhone and hopefully an update will be released very soon for that.

Check out the trailer for Burgle Bros. below and start channeling your inner Danny Ocean.