Last week we reported that the North Star Games would be launching their Kickstarter campaign for the digital adaptation today…unfortunately it has now been delayed until September 12th.

In a post on their forums yesterday, North Star Games announced that since “Kickstarter only allows one campaign at a time”, but since they had two campaigns planned to launch in August (Vegas Wits & Wagers and Evolution The Video Game), one of the projects needed to be rescheduled.

Since “the video game isn’t as time-sensitive as the other campaign for Vegas Wits & Wagers, they’ve decided to delay the Evolution Kickstarter until next month, even though they’re ready to launch right now. They plan to use the unexpected extra time to work on the beta, so they can shorten our delivery time after the campaign”.

I’m not sure what this means for their Back it at Gen Con promotion, but you should still be able to check out the bet build of the game at their Gen Con Gen Con (#2019 and #1803) or PAX West (#7609) booths.

Again, for all the latest details on Evolution – The Video Game, I recommend checking out the development blog and following the new @NSG_Digital twitter account.