If you are as big of a fan of Solitairica as I am, then you’ll be excited to hear that on June 29th, Righteous Hammer Games will be updating their combative take on solitaire, with the Primal Champions DLC pack.

For just 99¢, this exciting update will include 4 brand-new decks, each consisting of a single color:

Barbarian (Red/Attack)
Bonus card destruction when heart is low, but be careful…overflowing attack energy damages you. An aggressive deck that encourages risky play.

Vanguard (Blue/Defense)
Powerful armor spells, and the ability to spend your armor as a resource and destroy cards. High defense with an explosive counter strike.

Acrobat (Green/Agility)
The combination of an exclusive wild card spell, and a trait that always reveals the second card in a column, makes this the ultimate sequencing deck.

Sorcerer (Purple/Willpower)
Exclusive destruction and healing spells that add disruptive cards to the enemies deck. Very strategic, with lots of fun decision making.

In addition to the four packs included in the optional 99¢ Primal Champions DLC pack, the base game will also be adding a new devious game mode called Epic Journey.

Once a player successfully defeats the Emperor (not an easy task) an Epic difficulty option unlocks for that deck.

We’re told that this new Epic difficulty is a carefully tuned and exciting new challenge that will appeal to experienced players, tasking them with completing 28 battles (rather than the usual 18). They’ll also have to face off against even more dangerous versions of all the monsters and traits in the game, “as well as many new possible combinations and much more intense Emperor battle”.

The economy in this Epic mode is also much tighter, forcing players to make “careful and smart” purchasing decisions.

The DLC pack will be releasing first on mobile devices on June 29th, with PC support following soon after.

Purchase your copy of Solitairica below: