It’s never been easier (or cheaper) to join the Smart Home revolution, thanks to cnct‘s cute and powerful new intelliPLUG smart plug.

Today, the company launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to bring their Wi-Fi-enabled smart plug to consumers everywhere at the ridiculously low cost of just $10 a plug (plus shipping).

The intelliPLUG allows users to control their lights, appliances and any “plugged-in” device directly from their phone or tablet, anywhere in the world. intelliPLUG features full iOS, Android and Amazon Alexa functionality so users can turn on/off plugs, set timers for devices and schedule plugs to turn on/off automatically.

I’ve had my hands on a review unit for about a week now and this thing is fantastic.

Not only does it NOT block your other outlets like some other smart plugs, it was also super easy to setup and get on my WiFi network using the companion cnct life app. Just an app download and a few taps later, and within minutes I was controlling my family room light via my iPhone and my Echo Dot. I could set timers to have it go on and off at certain times or turn it on remotely from anywhere with my phone or my voice. My kids thought I was some sort of magician. 🙂

I’ve used other smart plugs in the past and the simplicity of intelliPLUGsetup, its small, attractive form factor and absolutely crazy $10 price tag during this campaign make it a no-brainer to back.

You can check out more info on the intelliPLUG on the official Indiegogo campaign page and take advantage of some of the Early Bird Specials where you can get a 2-pack of intelliPLUGs for just $20 (plus shipping). I have no doubt these Early Birds will go fast and the campaign will easily exceed its $25,000 funding goal.

UPDATE: It looks like those Early Birds did go fast, however still a number of multi-unit bundles are still available to get the intelliPLUG for $10 each.