Funbridge is a fresh new Bridge game that’s got an awful lot going for it. Smart and slick, it bypasses the annoying waiting that can sometimes plague online card games, allowing you to jump in and play whenever you want.

Rather than tackling other players, here you’re playing against a clever AI. But you’re playing the same deals as everyone else, which means you can still check how you’re doing and show off your prowess on the leaderboards.

On top of that there are replays to watch. Want to see how other players coped with a deal that you had trouble with? Well just load up a replay and you’ll be able to learn some new tips and tricks for the next time you’re stuck.

You can challenge other players as well. Here you’ll all play the same five deals. The winner is whoever performs the best during the whole series. There are bigger tournaments too, with a huge number of ranks to work your way through.

Every 24 hours the game starts a new Daily tournament. Players from all of the levels get involved in this, so you can test yourself out against the best and see whether you’re playing in the right series or should move up a level.

There are social functions here too, letting you chat with other players to swap tips and tricks or just catch up over a game. And in the two player mode you can pick your favourite partner and tweak with the conventions of the deal to really get down into the nitty-gritty of the game.

Funbridge is out right now on the App Store and the Google Play Store, and it’s free to download. If you’re after a Bridge game that doubles up as a training tool, then you really needn’t look any further than this.

Download your copy of Funbridge below:

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