Welcome to another episode of the AppAdvice Weekly Podcast

Join us this week as I head down Beantown to do some CON-ning, then Trevor and I explore geometric lands, guide post-apocalyptic lifeforms, build vast kingdoms and use the power of the wind.

Rumors are heavily pointing that new iPads might be coming soon and there are numerous upcoming and currently available games to potentially play on those devices.

After Trevor’s GDC recap last week, it’s my turn for a con experience with a recap of just a portion of the upcoming apps that I saw at PAX East last weekend.

To find out more about the games discussed in my PAX East recap visit these links:

As for new, games which are currently on the App Store to play, well, thanks to Apple highlighting indie game developers for the next two weeks, there are quite a few good ones to choose from.

So get ready for an info-packed episode, we hope you enjoy the show…

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