animation-throwdown-quest_1080816579_ipad_05Fox Digital Entertainment and mobile game publisher Kongregate, have just announced a new upcoming mobile title called Animation Throwdown: The Quest for Cards.

Featuring characters and worlds from hit Fox Television animated series including: Family Guy, Futurama, Bob’s Burgers, American Dad and King of the Hill, Animation Throwdown: The Quest for Cards is a mobile card battling game where players get to “create the ultimate show-themed deck and compete against friends and other players in epic battles”.

“We are thrilled to bring together these five animated comedies for the first time in Animation Throwdown: The Quest for Cards.” said Emily Greer, president and co-founder of Kongregate. “We are looking forward to integrating characters from these hit series in a unique and exciting way that fans of all the shows will really love.”

The game is being co-developed by two studios who have worked closely with Kongregate in the past, Synapse Games (developer of Tyrant Unleashed, Global Assault, and Spellstone) and Chinzilla Games (developer of Little Alchemist).


The usual free-to play trappings aside, I myself quite enjoyed both Little Alchemist and Spellstone so this sounds like a nice pairing of talents given that Animation Throwdown draws inspiration from both studios’ previous releases “combining the most popular gameplay elements of their titles into a single franchise”.

“In Animation Throwdown, Peter Griffin will duke it out with Bob Belcher, or Leela, or even Hank Hill. Fans get to select their all-star lineup in this inventive, genre-bending game,” said Rick Phillips, Executive Vice–President, Fox Digital Entertainment.

It appears the game will feature hundreds of cards and combos, a 25 chapter single player campaign where you can battle through your favorite moments and locations from the shows as well as global multiplayer PVP in the multiplayer Arena.

Initially releasing on both iOS and Android, Animation Throwdown: The Quest for Cards is currently scheduled for a Q3 launch.

CAN’T WAIT? It appears that the game is currently in soft launch on iOS in the Philippine App Store.