APPLE-EARNINGSWelcome to another episode of the podcast…

Join us this week as we study Apple’s financials like a Shakespearian work, and slingshot birds, eggs and alien pinballs while solving paranormal cases.

Last week Apple announced record Q1 earnings and Trevor I dissect Apple’s Q2 Earnings Report and the company’s first year over year decline in 13 years.

Then we get cultured with a look at the deluxe new Shakespeare app for anyone from beginners to scholars, Heuristic Shakespeare – The Tempest.

And finally it’s onto new games as we fling some irate fowl in the new pinball-ish new Angry Birds game, Angry Birds Action!, help a pizza delivery boy, werewolf detective, six thousand year-old demon, and the severed head of a gargoyle solve supernatural crimes in Dog Mendonca, fling fragile egg-like organisms in Egz and check out ZEN’s latest ALIENS-themed pinball tables and optional new monetization method in Aliens vs. Pinball.

We hope you enjoy the show.


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