enhanced-mid-24221-1457629840-1Welcome to another episode of the podcast…

Join Trevor and I this week as we loop you in on all of the latest apple news, communicate with a rich new email client, transport paint through multicolored portals, connect molecules for points direct an interactive heist slam into walls at breakneck speeds and test our parallel parking skills.

We start off with discussion of Apple’s recently confirmed March 21st media event and this year’s not so cryptic invite.

Then we move onto a feature-rich new email client for both the Mac and iPhone called Airmail.

For new games, we look at the colorful new puzzle game Telepaint, connect the dots with Dirac, direct the cinematic action of an engaging new interactive film called Late Shift and finally round out the show with a look at a couple of new twitch-based free-to-play quick action games, Handbrake Valet and the extra speedy BARRIER X.

We hope you enjoy the show…


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