tomb_of_the_maskWelcome to another episode of the podcast…

In this episode Trevor and I have our iPhone’s track our business expenses, while we soak up the latest news in new and exciting ways, raid monochromatic tombs, transform geometric shapes, explore our larger than life surroundings and search for transportation out of an unforgiving and desolate land.

With not much news coming out of Apple, Trevor and I first take a look a few new apps for getting the latest, breaking news, Quartz and Refinery29 This AM. As well as an easy way to keep track of businesses expenses thanks to Everlance.

As for games, we had a nice selection of titles to choose from and we start with a discussion of the endless high-score game Tomb of the Mask, the not-to-be-missed, tactile shape-shifting experience that is _PRISM, and tilt-based puzzler Abzorb.

Then I give my impressions of Glitch Game’s latest adventure, A Short Tale and Button Mash Game’s new digital board game port, Forbidden Desert.

Finally, Trevor gives a rundown of Smooth Operator!, the two-player kissing simulator (complete with lots of tongue), which has to be one of the oddest new releases in the App Store…ever.

We hope you enjoy the show.


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