A3-printLongtime readers of this site may recall that I was a big fan of 2013’s cute 2D adventure game Mimpi, which was published by Crescent Moon Games.

With its whimsical art style, charming characters, inventive puzzles and the way players could to manipulate both Mimpi, and objects in his environment made for an engaging and fun puzzle adventure.

Silicon Jelly, the Prague-based indie gaming studio who developed the original game, has just announced that they will be launching a sequel, titled “Mimpi Dreams”, which will be arriving on iOS (first) on March 17th.

Mimpi Dreams is a cross­genre game that combines platformer mechanics with puzzles and adventure elements. You get to control the lovable hero dog, Mimpi, as you solve puzzles and help him overcome obstacles along his way. From saving princesses, evading dragons to freeing animals in the wilderness, every level represents one of Mimpi’s dreams, and each one is designed to be unique with their own set of puzzles to solve.

The App Store has come a long way in the last 3 or so years since the first Mimpi and as such, Mimpi Dreams will improve upon the original, taking advantage of the latest tech with support for the Apple Watch, Apple TV and 3D Touch.


Mimpi2_002I’m excited that soon we’ll be getting to spend another imaginative adventure with this cute little white dog.

If you still somehow haven’t played the original Mimpi, you should definitely give it a go…IT’S FREE.

For the latest information regarding Mimpi Dreams, visit the game’s official website at http://mimpi-dreams.com.