canvas_largeWelcome the latest episode of the podcast…

In this episode we’ll be surfing the web from giant iPads, while sailing our viking ships to Tibet, where we’ll explore small dungeons and sell goods from our magical carts to buy back our creepy monochromatic home.

Last week Apple finally launched its iPad Pro, but does anyone really care about this expensive big iPad?

Also if you are a Firefox user, Mozilla has finally joined the iOS browser race with the launch of Firefox web browser.

Trevor and I share our thoughts on both of these arguably mostly unnecessary new releases.

As for new games, it was another fruitful week with the release of the free-to-play Viking raider, The Last Vikings, the iOS port of the classic adventure-style game Lost Horizon, dungeon crawler Tiny Rogue, spooky adventure Wardwell House and the unique fantasy, economic goods trading game Wizards and Wagons.

We hope you enjoy the show.


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