bubble-boost-2Bubble Boost is a new tappy high score-chasing sensation on iOS, in which you have to tap to inflate a bubble and collect balls.

The bubble is rising upwards through a series of different sized tunnels and you have to tap to inflate it enough to grab balls dotted near the tunnel walls. Be careful you don’t overdo it though as if you inflate too much you’ll get stuck and it’s game over.

Occasionally, you’ll run into items other than balls on the tunnel walls and if you collect these you’ll get a decent boost to your score.

And you’ll be pleased about that because you unlock more bubble designs the higher score you get.

Bubble Boost is a tough game and will appeal massively to those who enjoyed Flappy Bird or Agar.io.

It’s already proved an enormous success in the App Store, having already been featured over 338 times in 100 different countries just three days after launch.

If you’d like to check it out for yourself, head on over to the App Store [download] right now.

Download your copy of Bubble Boost below:

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