Box-Splendor_3DEarlier this month, we reported that Days of Wonder/Asmodee and Space Cowboys were working on a digital release of the popular, 2014 Spiel des Jahres nominated turned-based strategy card game, SPLENDOR.

However, at that time there was no release date, no screenshots nor any gameplay video available.

This morning, the folks at BoardGameGeek revealed that the game would be launching next week on July 9th and BGG also released exclusive trailer which gives us a great peek at the game.

From what I can garner from the trailer, the game will have AI opponents “of varying strategies” and exclusive new game modes with names like “The Nobles Feats”, “A Precious Cargo” and “The Epidemic”. And it looks like it has some sort of global leaderboards, but it’s still unclear if the game will have any sort of online multiplayer mode right out of the gate.