peepomite-1Welcome to another episode of the podcast.

We kick off this week’s show with a look at Apple’s latest acquisition, Coherent Navigation and what it could mean for the future of Apple Maps, or other products in Apple’s expanding consumer lineup.

For new apps, we ignore the old film-making adage of ‘never work with kids or animals’ and test our directorial skills with Jurassic World Mobile MovieMaker. We also check out the newest release of the calendar app, Horizon 3

On the games side of things we put our dexterity to the test as I gush over the wonderful new gesture-based RPG, Fearless Fantasy and try to keep the tiki gods happy in KANO.

Then, in a week packed with sequels and a lot of short, leaderboard driven experiences, we dive into a much larger topic of the App Store’s cyclical nature and shift back toward these brief, shallower app releases that can often become quickly forgettable and replaceable. We look into some of the possible reasons for this and give our thoughts on this trend.

We hope you enjoy the episode, feel free to leave any thoughts and comments below.


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