grimfandangoThere wasn’t a lot of news from Apple thsi week, so this week’s episode is fairly brief.

The Apple TV saw two new channels arrive (CBS Sports and USA NOW) leading Trevor and I to speculate on what sort of user experience the next-gen Apple TV will offer and if Apple will finally make use of their Matcha acquisition from nearly two years ago.

On the apps front we take a look at Halfbrick Studios’ foray into educational gaming with its surprise new release Fruit Ninja Academy: Math Master.

As for games, we discuss the unexpected iOS release of the classic LucasArts adventure game Grim Fandango Remastered, lovingly polished and ported by Double Fine. Then we test our arcade skills with the fresh brick-breaking sequel Anodia 2. Trevor discusses his experiences with the unique real-time choose your own adventure game Lifeline… and we finish the show off with a look at the latest from Nitrome, and endless climber called Cooped Up.

Enjoy the episode.


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