apple-watch-single-253x300After a week off, we are back with a brand new show for you.

The wait is also over for everyone who was able to successfully pre-order an Apple Watch for April 24th delivery and now they are out in the wild.

Trevor and I discuss his experiences and impressions after his first 48 hours with his new Apple Watch.

Next we dive into new apps with a look at A&E’s cool new location-based app, HISTORY Here, which identifies and informs you about a number of the historically relevant sites located within your immediate surroundings. We also discuss the well-produced third entry in the iPoe series of apps which present a selection of Edgar Allan Poe Stories in an engaging illustrated and interactive manner.

For games there were far too many to choose from, especially with 2 weeks of releases and April being a rather prolific month for the App Store. However we narrowed the discussion down to three titles including Amazon Game Studios’ iOS debut with their creepy first-person horror game Lost Within, the fun time-based, puzzle/reflex driving game Does not Commute and the absolutely brilliant third (and penultimate) entry in
inkle’s always brilliant choose your own adventure Sorcery! gamebook series.

I hope you enjoy this week’s episode.


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