20150403applewatch_preorderWelcome to our first episode of April, I hope those of you who celebrate it, had a nice Easter holiday yesterday.

This week Trevor and I start things off with a reminder of the April 10th pre-order date for the Apple Watch and Apple’s try the watch on appointments.

For non-game apps we take a look at the all-in-one notifications app Hooks – Alerts for Everything and the newly updated all-in-one TV and Streaming programming guide app Fan TV.

On the games front there were numerous new release, so we had a lot to cover starting with the brief but unique space experience Last Voyage. Then I get a bit nostalgic with Disney’s gorgeous DuckTales: Remastered. Then it is onto FreshPlanet’s new single-player SongPop music trivia adventure game, Rock On – A SongPop Adventure.

Next up, we head out on a quest with Cartoon Network’s super-approachable RPG, Attack the Light – Steven Universe Light RPG.

But wait…there’s more…
The discussion then shifts to digital board games (one of my faves) and the newly released iPad version of the Kickstarted NES=era dungeon building game Boss Monster and the new Blackrock Mountain single-player campaign for Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.

And finally we wrap things up with the explosive new puzzle game Gunpowder.

Phew…I’m just tired typing all of that.
I hope you enjoy this information-filled episode.


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