Slot-Raiders-1Bridge Constructor was just the start of the collaboration between Headup Games and Clockstone Studios as their new franchise has just been announced and it could well birth a new genre.

Slot Raiders blends slot machine gameplay with elements of adventure and RPG games to create a mutant game that will surely appeal to most iOS and Android gamers.

You’ll set out to gather precious metals and valuable treasures in a variety of exotic 19th century settings, such as rural Japan, Yukon, and the lush blue waters of the Caribbean.

The engrossing plot unfolds as you complete quests for Jim, your adviser, personal claim administrator, and trader – though each location has its own sidekick who will offer additional quests, which will involve you finding specific materials to sell on to a different character who is usually a friend, or relative, of Jim’s.

Your personal pet dog, Tracky, will join you on your adventure and can be sent off to collect metals and treasures by himself – with a chance to earn bonus items if he does so. This feature also allows you to continue progressing while you’re busy or at work.


Rounding out an already impressively hefty game is a mini game which can net you additional rewards. Tap on bushes to discover what’s behind them and you’ll either receive bags or chests full of riches or find yourself face to face with a bear or snake – be careful!

Slot Raiders is free to play so visit the App Store [download] or Google Play [download] and get started on gathering all of that lucrative treasure right now.

Download your copy of Slot Raiders below:

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