King-of-ThievesWelcome to another episode of the podcast.

Trevor and I kick off this week’s discussion with a look at a few of the recent changes that Apple has made including the 4GB app size limit (up from 2GB) and what that could mean for the future of iOS devices. We also take a look at Apple’s featuring of ‘pay once’ apps (ie. no IAP) and how it is a sign of the times and finally we give our thoughts on Apple’s App Store integration with Pinterest.

Our non-game discussion consists of a neat little photo to video app called Nutshell Camera, as well as Reuters new TV news brief app and the funny and free SNL app.

On the games front we look at the latest from Cut the Rope developer ZeptoLab, their social dungeon raiding platformer King of Thieves and the mind-bending puzzle platformer Staying Together, which challenges players to move two characters simultaneously using mirrored controls. Trevor gives his impressions of the cinematic, QuickTime event style adventure game Tempo and finally, we test our reflexes with BeaverTap’s retro, leaderboard-driven arcade game, Radical.

Enjoy the show.


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