iTunes_Best_of_2014With two weeks to go until Apple shuts down the App Store for the year, Apple has prematurely launched its list of The Best apps and games of 2014.

Trevor and I discuss what they got right, what they got wrong and what picks were absolutely absurd, especially given that two weeks of new releases aren’t even being considered.

For new Apps, we look at a fresh new way to shop Amazon and a way to give your iOS keyboard a new look, but still maintain its functionality.

On the games front, we look a lot of new titles, including the much-anticipated seafaring exploration game Seabeard, surprise narrative, puzzle word game Highrise Heroes, puzzle/ tactical strategy game Sneaky Sneaky and Marvel brawler Marvel Contest of Champions.

We also take a few moments to individually discuss our experiences with Tales from the Borderlands (Trevor) and Papers, Please (Brett).

Enjoy the show.


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