10596-2919-140925-iOS_8-Fix-lIt was a tough week for Apple with accusations of bendable iPhones and a bad iOS update, but they appear to have survived just fine (so has my phone…NO BENDING).

Has the bending issue been overblown?
It would appear so…Trevor and I discuss.

There were lots of new apps released including a really neat Post-it® app, that lets you take your stickies digital.

On the games front we had a number of interesting free-to-play offerings including Asphalt Overdrive, Turbo Dismount™ and Smarter Than You as well as a couple of big tower defense titles, Cursed Treasure 2 and Anomaly Defenders.

Make sure to listen carefully because we give away two free copies of Cursed Treasure 2 within the episode!


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