partyrs_908308532_ipad_02.jpgOne of last week’s more stand-out new releases on the App Store was a charming little logic puzzle game called Partyrs.

The object of the game is to sort the guests at various parties to make everyone happy, using the least number of swaps. By tapping on the guests, or reading the sign they are holding, you can see what their particular likes or dislikes are. This gives you a clue as to if you’ll need to place two guests near one another or if you need to keep them apart. Or if someone is hungry and needs to be near the snack table, or likes music and wants to be near the speaker.

I have found this to be quite an entertaining little game that will sometimes really get your brain going. It reminds me a little of Girls Like Robots and of the word puzzle logic games that I really enjoy doing in puzzle magazines, but brought to life in a cute animated art style.

You earn up to three stars per level based on how few swaps you use and believe me…getting three stars on some of these is going to be tough. Some levels will have a timer, putting a little fire under you to finish them quickly and as you unlock new locations, new characters and mechanics come into play. Partyrs is a well-crafted and fun little game.

partyrs_908308532_ipad_03.jpgOne really nice aspect of Partyrs is that it relies very little on language, focusing more on using pictures and iconography to convey guests likes and dislikes, so it is easily playable by people of all ages, anywhere.

If you want to ensure that you get a copy of Partyrs at a great price you can pick it up for a limited time at the launch sale price of just 99¢.

The sole developer/designer of Partyrs, Shelly Alon, was kind enough to provide us with a few copies of the game to giveaway to our lucky readers.

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