iphone6-models-205x300It’s launch week, and Trevor and I spend the first half of the podcast discussing the Apple event as well as the difficulties we encountered when trying to pre-order our new iPhones. Just a few more days to go…

It was a fairly light week for apps, but Yahoo managed to put out a universal update for their great news app, Yahoo News Digest.

On the games front, there were several standouts including the innovative puzzle platformer Chronology: Time Changes Everything, the fun, bargain priced retro platformer Goblin Sword and the charming logic puzzle game Partyrs.

Other notable game releases included Gameloft’s multi-lane runner Spider-Man Unlimited and Signal Mobile’s ragdoll platformer The Sleeping Prince.

One update to the content: I heard back from the developer of Chronology: Time Changes Everything on twitter and he said that the additional 5 chapters that you unlock for the single $2.99 IAP “are much longer than the first 3”. So that’s great news.

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