madbulletsWelcome to another episode of the podcast!

We kick off the show with a highlight of the latest next-gen iPhone production rumors, then dive into a couple of new apps: Overcast: Podcast Player
and Countable – Government Made Easy. These apps will help you consume your podcasts and help you stay more informed about the legislature being voted on in Washington, voice your opinion and take a more active role in Government.

As for games, we has a nice collection of Free-to-=play titles including the fun Wild West shooting gallery action of Mad Bullets, a bit of a different take on the match-three genre with Cascade, the return of an iOS favorite with Swords & Poker Adventures and an appetizer from Gameloft in the form of Ninja UP!.

Have a listen and see what we did and didn’t like about last week’s new apps and get prepared, because this week is going to be BIG!

* One quick update to my comments on Swords & Poker Adventures. Shortly after we recorded this last Friday night, I reached a point in the game where all battles start costing you two energy credits, this does slow down your ability to progress through the game pretty dramatically, but it is still quite fun.


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