otttd-fgotmIGN recently announced this month’s iOS freebie, and it is OTTTD.

OTTTD, which stands for Over The Top Tower Defense, is a humor-filled, crazy unique blend of TD and RTS gameplay from SMG Studio, a brand new studio out of Australia.

As a commander in HEROCORP (the universe’s 4th largest private military force) it is up to you to “preemptively defend” the Earth against alien dimensions. Appropriately called Over The Top Tower Defense or OTTTD for short, the game includes some elements of RTS and RPG to keep you engaged as you leave massive bloody pools of alien gore at the base of your defensive towers. Self-described as “Spaceballs meets Starship Troopers”, I couldn’t think of a better description of this humorous take on the genre. There is plenty of carnage, entrails and body parts left littering the battlefield.


IGN is giving you this $2.99 game for FREE, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to check it out on the cheap.

Codes are available on a first come, first serve basis, so hurry up and grab yourself a FREE copy of OTTTD now!

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Remember: If you attempt to buy the game directly from the App Store it will charge you the full price, you must get it through IGN’s links.

Official Game Trailer