one-for-eleven-iconUnless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, you are probably already well aware that last Thursday, the FIFA World Cup kicked off in Brazil at the Arena Corinthians in Sao Paulo.

To coincide with this event, developer Actozsoft has updated their free-to-play soccer management sim One For Eleven with a new game mode called World Nations Cup – a tournament in which real-world players become national team managers on the ‘big stage’.

Managers for all teams were chosen last week, and rounds of 256, 128, and 64 have taken place since. Now Actozsoft wants to share information about the current standing of the competition, including the line-up for the round of 32.

Remember: all of the information below is based on participation from real-world players.


According to Actozsoft, Japan and Panama are expected to advance from Group A. France is expected to advance from Group B, while Vietnam and Bosnia and Herzegovina are expected to make it through Group C and Group D respectively. The Netherlands is expected to top Group E, and Australia, Tunisia, and Belgium are expected to come out on top in their respective groups.

In the final 32, Group A is considered the most deadly. Japan and Panama both have a high attack ability, as well as high-ranking goalkeepers.

Based on the above information, Actozsoft believes that the overall winner of the inaugural World Nations Cup competition will be the Netherlands, with France and Belgium likely to finish a close second and third.

Season 2 of the World Nations Cup, will be kicking off next week and prospective managers can start preparing themselves now. iPhone and iPad owners can download One For Eleven for FREE right now from the App Store and Android owners can grab their FREE copy of the app on Google Play.

You can also visit the One For Eleven website or the game’s Facebook page for more details.

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